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Jashan Wiladat e Imam e Zamana (as)


Thursday 25th March 2021
07:40 pm Namaz e Maghrebain 
08:00 pm Munajat e Shabaniyah 
Recitation by Maulana Ishfaq Waheedi 
08:20 pm Ziyarat e Waresa by Al-Asr Madressa student  Ayaan Naqvi

Friday 26th March 2021  
Salaat ul Jumma 
01:25 pm Jumma prayers led by Maulana Ishfaq Waheedi

 Monday 29th March 2021  Jashan Wiladat e Imam e Zamana (as) &  Aamaal e Shab e 15th Shaban 
7:34 pm Namaz e Maghrebain
8:00 pm Niyaz/Dinner arrangements 
8:30 pm Tilawat and Manqabat 
8:45 pm Speech by Maulana Sadiq Hasan Saheb followed by ziyarat
9:15 pm Cake Cutting Ceremony 
 9:20 pm- Aamaal e Shab e 15th Shaban led by Maulana Sadiq Hasan Saheb

For Al-Asr Society of Australia Live Telecast please visit: 
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Based on the Victorian Government requirements, all momineen attending:
▪️Must wear mask
▪️Scan QR CODE
▪️Follow all SOP’s
(Attendees are self responsible for any penalties or fines for not following any rules)

No limit for attendees (large space available)

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