Wednesday , September 29 2021
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Majlis e Yaum e Gum


Thursday 20th May 2021 Majlis e Yaum e Gum*
7:45 pm Dua e Kumail
8:05 pm Tilawat
8:10 pm Soz o salaam
8:15 pm Speech by Maulana Ishfaq Waheedi
8:45 pm Noha o Matam
8:50 pm Ziyarat e Waresa by Al-Asr Madressa student

Friday 21st May 2021, Salaat ul Jumma
12:16 pm Jumma prayers led by Maulana Ishfaq Waheedi

For Al-Asr Society of Australia Live Telecast please visit: 

1. Facebook: 
2. Youtube: 

Based on the Victorian Government requirements, all momineen attending:
▪️Must wear mask
▪️Scan QR CODE
▪️Follow all SOP’s
(Attendees are self responsible for any penalties or fines for not following any rules)

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