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Al-Asr Volunteers and reciters dinner with Maulana Shahanshah Naqvi

Assalamun Alaikum Respected Momineen and Mominaat, We are thankful for Maulana Shahanshah Hussain Naqvi take time from his busy schedule to recite majlis at Al-Asr Society of Australia and impart Islamic knowledge and spiritual guidance to our community. Al-Asr Momineen and Muminaat really appreciate and indeed benefited from his speeches …

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ARBAEEN 1445 PROGRAM SCHEDULE 3rd September – 7th September

Assalamun Alaikum Respected Momineen and Muminaat, Upcoming Program Schedule: KHAMSA – E – ARBAEEN English Speech followed by Urdu Majlis recited by Maulana Asghar Hussain ShaheediTOPIC:Daur Hazir Mai Ahya Amre Aaima (a.s.) Sunday 3rd September 2023, Majlis Shahadat Imam-e-Raza (a.s)7:00 pm Tilawat7:05 pm Soz o Salam7:15 pm English Speech followed …

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Shab e Jumma & Jumma Program. 02/09 Majlis Shahadat Bibi Sakina s.a.

Assalamun Alaikum Respected Momineen and Muminaat, Upcoming Program Schedule: Thursday 31st August 2023, Amaal e Shab e Jumma6:30 pm Dua e Kumail Recitation by Sheikh Idrees ul Hasan 7:00 pm Ziyarat e Waresa  Friday 1st September 2023, Salaat ul Jumma12:20 pm Jumma Khutbah & Salatul Jumma recited by Maulana Muhammad Ali Karbalai  Saturday 2nd …

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