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About Madrassa

Al-Asr School/Madressa is a Melbourne based Islamic educational institution which educates students about Islamic morals and values along with basic principles of Islam. One of the main aims of this madressa is to cater for religious educational needs of all children belonging to various community backgrounds.
The madressa started on 11th of February, 2018 which was the inaugration and the first day of the school.
This madressa is the brainchild of Brother Zaki who inherited this dream from his late father Marhoom Ghulam Abbas.
Brother Zaki is the current Dean of the madressa and incharge of its ongoing management. His wife Sister Riffat Zaki and son Ameer Hamzah Zaki have also been supporting for the regular administration and the daily operations of the madressa.
Additionally, Sheikh Idrees ul Hasan has joined as the new Patron of the madressa since 2019. Brother Zaki and Sheikh Idrees ul Hasan are currently involved in madressa undertakings such as
  • Conducting assembly sessions.
  • Wudhu/namaz session.
  • Youth counseling and motivation.
  • Curriculum/syllabus related decisions.
The teachers are back bone of Al-Asr Madressa who have been giving their selfless efforts and support to provide students with meaningful and lifelong knowledge about Islam and its principles.
Our team of more than 20 teachers have been voluntarily working throughout the year and have truly dedicated their time and knowledge towards the madressa.
Al-Asr madressa is indeed blessed to have such dedicated and hard working teachers and appreciate their selfless contributions.
About 90% of our teachers are females as well as mothers.Many of these hold professional teaching qualifications.
All of the management, teachers and supervising/parking volunteers hold:
  • A current Working With Children’s Check (WWCC)
  • An applied First Aid Certificate and
  • Emergency Evacuation Practice to ensure the safety of the students at all times.
  • Ongoing Professional Development and training
Al-Asr Madressa also consist of the following facilities:
  • Classrooms with fully equipped mordern facilities.
  • Separate male and female staffrooms and toilets.
  • Separate male and female toilets/wudhu area for students.
  • Sports & recreation facilities
The Al-Asr Madressa has been running for the past 2 years.
Currently, Al-Asr has a high number of students enrolled who come from many different cultural backgrounds making it a multicultural place of Islamic education.
The school runs classes for grades Prep (5 years and above) and Senior class aligned with Australian Curriculum Grades.
The school generally utilises the syllabus from Madressa Centre of Excellence (MCE) developed by the World Federation which is also utilised by many Islamic communities around the world.
School timings are every Sunday from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm and follows a fixed timetable throughout the year.
The main subjects taught are Quran, Islamic Studies, Wudhu and Namaz using English as the primary language. Moreover, Urdu language is also used as an additional practice for all students. Students also participate in a number of practical learning initiatives such as quizzes, leading jamaat namaz practice, speeches, Hajj practice, fundraisings, majalis/manqabat/nauha recitaion and Quran recitation competitions supported by our teachers.
Students also recite Jamaat Namaz under the supervision of Sheikh Idrees ul Hasan and madressa teachers in Al-Asr masjid with separate male and female partition.
Students are also appreciated for their yearly achievements in the annual prize distribution ceremony.