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Vision and Philosophy

We believe that each and every individual is unique in every way, whether it is intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social or physical.
Allah SWT has blessed us with this life and provided us with a perfect role model, our Prophet Mohammad (S.A.) and the 12 Imams (S.A.).
The Al-Asr Madressa aims to provide students with opportunities to develop and empower their knowledge and awareness towards Islamic education.
The Al-Asr madressa provides a range of experiences apart from classroom learning to emphasise on religious values and students’ engagement with authentic religious-based activities, critical thinking, contemporary and creative ways of learning Islam.
It aims to educate students to develop a deep understanding of religious education through sourcing quality supportive information and resources. This can assist them to develop the necessary Islamic skills and knowledge to confidently live and participate in the 21st-century era while maintaining their true Islamic identity and concrete fundamentals in the real-world.
Throughout the year, the madressa supports students in a variety of manners and innumerable measures. These include as follows:
Assembly: involves quiz, dua recitation and speeches recited by students. It also includes Jamaat namaz practice leaded by students.
Excursions: for students to develop social and ethical skills with each other.
Religious practices: Hajj demonstration practice, Moharram kids majlis, nauha, marsiya, manqabat recitations, Islamic projects, Tablo, Nasheed and Quran recitation competitions etc.
Parent-Teacher interview: To involve parents and provide them with constructive feedback about their child’s progress and suggest areas of improvement.
Prize Distribution/Graduation Ceremony: This is an annual event conducted to motivate and appreciate outstanding student performances throughout the year. All students graduates are also recognised for their achievement.
Fundraising: Volunteering for refugees and homeless, Food drive through selling tickets for providing ration to needy people overseas in the month of Ramadhan.
Students Participation: Our students are actively involved in supporting for major Al-Asr related event management activities. They voluntarily participate in cleaning, setting up and packing up for ongoing events.
Youth participation: Our graduated students volunteer as assistant teachers and madressa events.
Quran: To train students to be actively engaged in learning Quranic text with confidence, recitation using the correct pronunciations and insight and also providing ongoing opportunities to comprehend the Quranic verses using translation and tafseer.
To teach the basic and necessary Islamic instructions.
To prepare our students to acquire a moral attitude to live as Muslims, taking guidance from the Holy Quran and from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in line with the principles and practices.
To impact Islamic Educations for future generations.
Provide leadership courses and teachers training enabling effective delivery of Islamic Education.
We strongly believe that education is the shared responsibility of the school, students, families and the surrounding community.
It is the responsibility of the staff at our school to provide the students with the moral values, personal integrity and ethical conduct which are consistent with Islamic beliefs.